What makes a Man

What makes a man in our Modern World?


The questions How to become a Man and What makes a Man is so very important for us here at Supreme Men to answer. We are Men here aged 25+ so have a lot of experience as Men in our prime living in this modern world. It is a hostile world for young boys and men in particular. It used to be the case boys and adolescents were nurtured by their fathers, uncles and elders in general; but this system has stopped working for many reasons – In our Western Modern World anyway… More on this later so keep reading 🙂

We know what you feel – because we all felt the same. Don’t feel weak or ashamed, its a natural emotion to feel when your society has let you down badly. Pain becomes believe it or not, strength later on in life. The pain and loss, emptiness and anger, RAGE! Is something we have ALL felt. It is the mark of our generation. Lost boys who have been abandoned by the tribe.


 Boys/Adolescents 9 – 18

This will be a shock to some of you reading this: Boys and Girls are wired differently. Read it again – Boys and Girls ARE different! In this Modern age it had been not only forgotton but inverted. Its part of the reason you boys are lost. Boys like you no longer have role models AND girls are treated like boys. VERY WRONG!  Its normal for you boys to want to play, fight and run around. Its not normal for your teachers to shout at you your bad! Or watch how the girls are behaving! Your teachers have been trained to say this. You understand this is wrong for them to say this to you.

In other countries right now there are rituals which us Westerners USED to do in our past not so long ago. Testing boys to become Men. These societies still do exist in some countries. These Boys know their place in their society.

How to become a Manboys becoming men

how to be menhow boys become men


9- 18 is a rough estimate because every boy grows at his own rate and his own way. Some boys develop fast, others slowly. This is normal but we understand this can cause problems especiall at places like schools where boys are grouped together (forced) by age regardless of development. This is a time when you are naturally unsure of the world. You are exploring and developing some confidence. You are shedding the boy skin and transforming, this is why you get spots,zits etc

Hormones are raging and girls start to become important. This is all natural so don’t worry. You boys and young men now are actually luckier than when we were boys. We didn’t have Youtube or much of an internet like you are reading now to teach us to learn about girls and how to shave for example. We truly we alone and had to learn the hard way, going to places like libraries to borrow books on all these subjects we were not taught by our fathers. This has made us tough and we are able to pass our knowledge to YOU.

In the past were expected to grow up faster. Some cultures in the world (you will soon find out if you take our advice) still expect boys at 12 to take responsibility at 12. The age of being able to have sex is 12 in some countries. What are the rules? As boys learning you should be learning how to make rules. Learn to play with kids of all ages around you. Its the most natural and normal thing and has been done by teenagers for thousands of years.







Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

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Making of a Man- How to be a Man

So what makes a man a man?

what makes a man a man

what makes you a man 

what makes a real man 



Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Thomas Jefferson




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