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Best Manosphere Blogs. So we at Supreme Men believe we are part of a larger well developed Manosphere blog community. So we have gathered what we believe to be the most important manosphere blogs on the internet.

Many of you guys might not be aware of the “manosphere” so we at Supreme men invite you to visit here for a very brief outline What is the Manosphere?

Take this wikipedia description with the preverbial “pinch of salt”. Many of the community of editors have degenerated into activists mainly SJW types who have a very dim view of the Manosphere community. A much better description is provided here the MGTOW community is also an offshoot of the Manosphere



List of  TOP Best Manosphere Blogs

 Return of Kings

best manosphere blogs

This is one of  the largest Manosphere Websites and is highly recommended, much more than just a collection of blogs. Away of life for many. There is a linked fantastic forum resource too here

manosphere blogs


One of the best Manosphere Blogs on the net and one of the oldest


Captain Capitalism


Excellent UK based Blogger focused on Economics and independent men

This is Trouble

Younger member of our Manosphere community and very welcome. His main focus i travel and getting men laid. Excellent choice for younger Men.


Good site for South East Asia game and lifestyle. Good articles and information about living abroad Expat style.

This is a good hub for all manosphere blogs and websites. Similar style to the “Drudge Report” Clean website mostly text and full of great links to Manosphere and Red pill articles



MORE Manosphere Blogs coming soon….



TOP 10 Manosphere Blogs
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TOP 10 Manosphere Blogs