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Mar 28, 2009 02:59 PM 5505 Views

Man ,Prada sunglasses for men is for the rich. the glasses are tint, taint and taunt free. the glasses can set you back by sweet 15 k, so its not for the faint-hearted. don’t go in there if you are the types who is looking for vfm. you buy them coz you got money to throw and not feel much guilty about. you buy them coz you just got your wife a solitaire last month , and your mistress a tag heur. so both are now feeling guilty about not seeing you too in some expensive accessory – mind you – not as expensive as theirs of course.
Your wife certainly doesn’t expect you to go about splurging on yourself -does she – of course not , silly. a solitaire is a family heirloom, baby, not some silly glass your sonny boy is gonna sit on one day while playing his bloody psp, and thats the last you heard of them.




The designs are subtle, uber cool and the moment they grace your mass produced face, your face is no longer a bulk product but a unique classy work of art embellished by the very best talent this earth has on sale. Its something you covet, wear only for your polo outings, sunday tambolas, weekend 5 star poolside brunches , and of course when admiring the nudist art at khajuaho. You wear it and people in the know will know – you are one of them – the elite wearing Prada sunglasses for men.